Keeping You In The Loop


I’ve spoken to lots of sellers about their past experiences and many have advised that they know their agent is “handling the sale” but they aren’t sure exactly what they are doing.

This always seemed odd to me as it’s very easy to keep clients up to date with what is happening these days.

I can tell the vendor that new to the market postcards have been delivered to the nearest 300 homes and show them all the addresses.

I can tell them that I’ve contacted all homes on the street about their listing and asked them to contact me if they know someone is interested.

I can show them who we’ve invited to an open house event from the local area based specific target demographics and even have them help me filter and choose.

I can tell them how they will get featured in a nationally distributed luxury property magazine then show them the copy with their full page listing in it.

When it comes to what’s happening online it’s even easier.

Rightmove allows you to run reports so you can make changes and tweaks as required. I can share these with my vendors.

Facebook will show me how many likes, clicks, shares, reposts, video views and partial video views have occurred for the various elements of a clients marketing campaign whether it’s a standard post, a video or an event. This can easily be shown to my vendor.

I can then show the vendor how interested parties can be retargeted on Facebook based on their interest and the interaction they’ve had with the listing.

YouTube will show how many views a clients video presentation has had.

Instagram displays likes, and reposts for property videos and posts.

LinkedIn and Twitter will display the same information.

The list goes on.

Your agent should be doing everything they can to sell your home for you and they should easily be able to show you evidence. All the major platforms allow for reporting so provided your agent is using them, they should be keeping you updated with progress.

If you’d like to know what the best strategy to sell your home is and how some of these platforms can be used successfully, please contact me and I will be happy to help.